Text, Action and Space (TAS)

Performative language and

topographical patterns as

converging areas in modern

drama, prose fiction and film

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An Inter-Disciplinary Approach

to Aesthetic and Cultural Studies


Previous TAS Workshops:

--> 1st TAS Workshop (Paris, Nov. 2006)

--> 2nd TAS Workshop (Bergen, June 2007)

--> 3rd TAS Workshop (Bergen, June 2008)

--> 4th TAS Workshop (Paris, Nov. 2008)


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5th TAS Workshop

Paris, 6th–8th Oct. 2010


// Phase II: Text, Action, Emotion  //


--> [Check for updates daily]

--> See Programme below

If you need printing services while in Paris, we recommend the Copy-Top, 75, Bd Raspail, close by the Centre Franco-Norvégienne and the MSH.





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Salle 214 (Wednesday and Thursday); Salle 015 (Friday)



Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH)

54, Boulevard Raspail, 75270 Paris Cedex 06

Tél : +33(0)149542216 – Fax. +33(0)149542195www.hf.uio.no/paris


Project Leader Lars Saetre: +47 95823232

-->  Map of Paris

--> Map of Quartier Latin



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Accommodation I:


7 et 9, Rue Malebranche

75005 Paris

Tél : +33(0)1 43 29 93 10 - Fax : +33(0)1 43 29 00 24

E-mail: hoteldesenlis@wanadoo.fr





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Accommodation II:


10, Rue Le Goff

75005 Paris

Tél : +33(0)1 43 54 76 11 - Fax : +33(0)1 46 33 45 78

E-mail: hoteldubresil@wanadoo.fr






Day by day:

Till Tuesday, 5th October: Arrivals. No programme

Wednesday, 6th October: First workshop day (10:00 - 18:00)

Thursday, 7th October: Second workshop day (10:00 - 18:00)

Friday, 8th October: Third workshop day (10:00 - 16:00). Departures.



Lars Saetre, Patriza Lombardo, Svend Erik Larsen



Organising team:

Lars Saetre (TAS), Kirstin Skjelstad (Adm. Officer/Centre franco-norvégienne, MSH), Anders M. Y. Gullestad (TAS).

(E-mails: Lars.Saetre@lle.uib.no, skjelsta@msh-paris.fr), Anders.Gullestad@lle.uib.no)



Previous TAS Workshops:

--> 1st TAS Workshop (Paris, Nov. 2006)

--> 2nd TAS Workshop (Bergen, June 2007)

--> 3rd TAS Workshop (Bergen, June 2008)

--> 4th TAS Workshop (Paris, Nov. 2008)

Literature / textual materials:

In case you have literary or theoretical text materials to share on beforehand, please submit them per e-mail in PDF format to  Lars and Anders as soon as possible, and they will be made available for downloading from this page.


Technical equipment:

At your earliest convenience, please notify Lars and Anders per e-mail about special technical needs in connection with your keynotes and your paper presentations: Lars.Saetre@lle.uib.no, Anders.Gullestad@lle.uib.no



Please notify Kirstin Skjelstad (skjelsta@msh-paris.fr).


Travel and subsistence form:

Please book and pay your travels yourselves as soon as you can (preferably as inexpensively as possible). Collect all paid bills, public ground transportation and flight tickets - they are to be handed over to Lars Saetre while in Paris and/or after you have returned home. Lars will provide you with the necessary forms to fill in while we are in Paris.








Paris, Oct. 6th-8th 2010







Wednesday, 6th October

Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH)

Salle 214


From 10:00 sharp:


Lars Sætre

”Welcome; Background, and Introduction”


Patrizia Lombardo

”Introduction to the Research of Emotions (aesthetics, event, affect, perception–cognition–epistemology)”


Boris Grkinić

”Fictions and Kathartic Emotions”


LUNCH 12:30


From 14:30:


Maja Petrić

“Pursuing the Unknowable through Transformative Spaces”


Julien Zanetta

“Portrait of a Lady: Painting the Emotion in Jean-Luc Godard’s Vivre sa vie


Mads Thygesen

“An Absence of Character

– Textual Articulation of Subjectivity in the Works of British Playwright Martin Crimp”




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Wednesday, 6th October
















Le Raspail

58, Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

+ 33 (0) 1 45483414 - Plan d’accès












Au Refuge du Passé

32, Rue du Fer-à-Moulin, 70005 Paris

+ 33 (0) 1 47072991 - Plan d’accès

Rest. info - Rest. info - Rest. info




Thursday, 7th October

Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH)

Salle 214


From 10:00 sharp


Tone Selboe

“Mastering Emotions in Jean Rhys’s After Leaving Mr Mackenzie (1930)

and Good Morning, Midnight (1939)”


Ragnhild Evang Reinton

“A Political Experience of ‘Immanent Transcendence’. On Marguerite Duras’ Film/Text India Song


LUNCH 12:30


From 14:30


Tonje Haugland Sørensen

“In the Trail of Memory  – The Interplay of Film, Museum and Space in the Creation of a War Time Legacy”


Anders M. Gullestad

“The Infested Stage in Melville’s ‘Benito Cereno’”


Anders Kristian Strand

“Haptic Reading in the Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge by Rainer Maria Rilke”



Thursday, 7th October
















Restaurant Les Botanistes

11 bis, Rue Chomel, 75007 Paris

+ 33 (0) 1 45490454 - Plan d’accès










Le Reminet

3, rue des Grands-Degrés

75005 Paris

tél. 0144070424


We are very happy for a great turn-out and so many enlisted papers at the upcoming Paris 5th TAS Workshop, even though some project members are unable to attend this time. Thank you to each one of you!

Participants have reported their return schedules, and it turns out we will have to end our third day (Friday) at lunch (with lunch).

This leaves us with two effective paper-and-discussion days since Friday will mainly be a day committed to business ahead.

Each time in Paris, we also have to take into consideration the time-window kindly allotted to us each day by our genereous hosts, the French-Norwegian Centre and the FMSH.

In the present program schedule, we have as well had to consider prospective program displacements from Wednesday and Thursday, to Friday.

Therefore, priority paper-wise has this time been given in particular to our new and our younger TAS scholars (you are highly welcome!), balanced optimally with central papers and contributions by TAS seniors (so are you!).


The above said, and time permitting on Friday:


Friday, 8th October

Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH)

Salle 015


From 10:00 sharp (time permitting)


Short, oral presentations of their part projects (max. 10 min.s each), by those participants appearing in Paris and for whom there is no space for individual papers this Workshop:


Lars Sætre: ”Topography and Textual Action: Concentrated Space, Ideology and Materiality in Jon Fosse’s Prose Fiction and Dramatic Art”.

Svend Erik Larsen: “Forgiveness as Textual Action: Between Free Play and Full Stop”.

Patrizia Lombardo: ”The Investigation of Emotions in Hazlitt and Stendhal”.

Randi Koppen: “Between Sentiment and Sensibility – the British Industrial Novel and the Politics of Emotion”.

Jorunn S. Gjerden: “Emotion, Alterity and Aesthetical Experience in Proust”.

Laurent Darbellay: “Filming and Performing the Letter: Letter from an unknown woman.

Cinema and the Performativity of the Epistolary Novel”.





Project business meeting

discussing contents, form, and organisaton ahead.


LUNCH 12:30




Friday, 8th October
































72, rue du Cherche-Midi

75006 Paris

tél./fax 0142224664



























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55h TAS Workshop Participants


- at the Hôtel de Senlis

Lars Saetre (Bergen) - Mon through Fri

Svend Erik Larsen (Aarhus) - Tues through Fri

Ragnhild Evang Reinton (Oslo) - Tues through Mon

Tone Selboe (Oslo) - Tues through Mon

Maja Petrić (Seattle) - Tues through Sun

Boris Grkinić (Vienna) - Tues through Mon

Julien Zanetta (Geneva) - Tues through Sun

Anders M. Y. Gullestad (Bergen) - Tues through Fri


- at the Hôtel du Brésil

Randi Koppen (Bergen) - Tues through Fri

Anders Kristian Strand (Bergen) - Tues through Sat

Tonje Haugland Sørensen (Bergen) - Tues through Sat

Mads Thygesen (Aarhus) - Tues through Sat

Jorunn S. Gjerden (and Vidar) - (Bergen) - Tues through Sun


- private housing

Patrizia Lombardo (Geneva) - Tues through Fri

Laurent Darbellay (Geneva) - Tues through Fri


- unable to appear this time

J. Hillis Miller (Irvine)

Atle Kittang (Bergen)

Mads Baggesgaard (Aarhus)

Jakob Ladegaard (Aarhus)

Asbjørn Grønstad (Bergen)

Øyvind Vågnes (Bergen)




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Welcome to TAS in Paris!


Practical information


Hôtel de Senlis

7-9 rue Malebranche 75005 Paris

Tél: +  33  (0)1 43 29 93 10

fax: + 33  (0)1 43 29 00 24

E- mail: hoteldesenlis@wanadoo.fr

Site web: www.hoteldesenlis.fr

For the access to the hotel we have enclosed a map of the area.

You can access the hotel by simply taking the RER B line from any airport, we are by the station Jardin du Luxembourg.


Hôtel du Bresil

10, rue Le Goff - 75005 Paris

Tel:  + 33 (0) 1 43 54 76 11

Fax:  + 33 (0) 1 46 33 45 78

E-mail: hoteldubresil@wanadoo.fr

Web: www.hoteldubresil.fr

For the access to the hotel we have enclosed a map of the area.

You can access the hotel by simply taking the RER B line from any airport, we are by the station Jardin du Luxembourg.


Transfer from Charles de Gaulle Int’l Airport (CDG) to Paris:

From Terminal 1: Free Shuttle Bus (”Nanette”) to railway station - then, RER train (make sure it is a RER train!) to station Jardin du Luxembourg - then, from there five minutes’ walk to the hotels in Rue Malebranche and Rue Le Goff.

From Terminal 2: Enter railway station - then, take RER train as described above.

See: Aéroport Charles de Gaulle.


Transfer from Orly International Airport (ORY) to Paris:

Line OrlyVal + RER B (blue)

Direction Mitry-Claye, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle

Change trains at Antony

First train / Last train to Paris 06:00 / 23:08 (from Orly South Terminal)

Frequency 4 to 7 minutes

Average travel time 38 minutes

Cost EUR 9,85 (OrlyVal train + Zone 4 - Zone 1)

Passes accepted: Paris Visite 6 Zone (EUR 47 / 5 days)

The fastest transportation from Orly International Airport to central Paris is by train. After arriving at ORY, take the OrlyVal train from either Orly South (Orly Sud) or Orly West (Orly Ouest) terminal towards Paris. A change of trains is required once you arrive at the OrlyVal terminus (last) station: Antony. From Antony, take the RER B train line in the direction of Mitry-Claye, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle, which passes through central Paris stations Luxembourg (Jardin du Luxembourg) (which is our station), Saint Michel Notre Dame, Chatelet Les Halles, and finally Gare du Nord before leaving central Paris and continuing on to Aéroport Charles de Gaulle in Roissy.

From the Luxembourg station, five minutes’ walk to our hotels in Rue Malebranche and Rue Le Goff.


Transfer each morning from hotels Senlis and Brésil to Workshop venue at FMSH at 54, Boulevard Raspail:

15-20 min.s walk through Jardin du Luxembourg. See hotel maps.


In the case of questions, please contact Lars Saetre at any time, cell phone + 47 95823232.